What is a website audit & why is it so important?

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The online world is changing very fast. You should keep your website updated so that your business doesn’t stay behind.

What is a website audit? A website audit is a ‘website analysis process that is done to identify (improve) any shortcomings from the website. In the website audit process, a “Tester” tests the full website, including forms, duplicate content, old plugins, image quality, website ranking, and quality of a website.

The Importance of Website Audit

  • A website audit can help you find the errors on your website.
  • A traffic report can provide you with insight into your website’s search ranking and bounce rates.
  • A completed website audit also provides a list of broken links and duplicate content from the website.
  • HTML and CSS errors are also corrected in this process.
  • Website response time and loading time are also reviewed during this process.
  • Website meta title, descriptions, and other important On-page SEO factors are also reviewed in this.
  • Conversion Rate
  • Optimization Audit provides a detailed report on how to convert website traffic and increase leads.
  • Social media presence audit analyzes which channel performs best.
  • Content channels include tools like video, infographics, and articles.
  • A website security audit identifies vulnerabilities from your website. It is imperative to keep your website secure and to apply all the latest security patches.
  • Competitor Website Audit is very beneficial for your business growth.