This Statement of Work (the “SOW”) is entered into on the specified date below by Sugarbird Digital Marketing (Pty) Ltd (“Agency”) and Gary Vos (Mauritius Properties)  (the “Client”) pursuant to the terms of the Agency Services Agreement (the “Agreement”), dated as of 1st October 2020 between Agency and Client which is herein incorporated by this reference. In the event of a conflict between any terms of the Agency Services Agreement and terms of this SOW, the applicable terms of this [ASA/SOW] shall control.

The client and the agency have agreed that for the next 3 months (November, December, and January) only Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and 2 new blog posts will be done on the website to get google to rank the website favorably.  

Sugarbird Digital Marketing will review all outstanding funds after 3 months to engage what is outstanding and what properties have been sold. If no properties are sold, then the minimum amount payable on the outstanding amount will be 50%

The "value for time" (VT) spent on the Mauritius Investment project for November, December, and January:

DM Hrs Amount ex Vat Total   Reduced Rate Still Owing
SEO 4 365,22 1460,88   500 960,88
Blogs 2 365,22 730,44   500 230,44


The outstanding VT for November, December and January will be:

DM Hrs Amount exc Vat Total   Reduced Rate Still Owing 3 Months
SEO 4 365,22 1460,88   500 960,88 2882,64
Blogs 2 365,22 730,44   500 230,44 691,32


The outstanding amount of R2882.64 and R691.32 will be settled from selling property in Mauritius. The commission agreed upon will be 3%. The outstanding amounts will be reviewed every 3 months

From 28 February 2021, the following VT will be implemented and charged for the Mauritius Investment project

The following VT will be implemented per month

DM Hrs Amount ex Vat Total   Reduced Rate Still Owing
SEO 4 365,22 1460,88   500 960,88
Blogs 2 365,22 730,44   500 230,44
AdWords 6 365,22 2191,32   500 1691,32
Social Media 6 365,22 2191,32   500 1691,32
          2000 4573,96

The adding of properties will be charged on an Adhoc basis

Property uploads hrs Amount exc VAT Total
1- 5 1 365,22 365,22
5-10 2 365,22 730,44
11-20 3 365,22 1095,66
21-30 4 365,22 1460,88


Project Summary

Services Search Engine Optimization

Up to 15 Keywords, specific to industry and Google
Keyword research
On-Page SEO (includes SEO Description creation, meta descriptions, specific keywords from the written content on the website.)
Off-Page SEO (Linkbacks from industry-specific websites, creating content with links, optimization of website, page ranking analysis, keyword ranking, and site indexing.)
Google Analytics
Monthly Reports

Google Ads – (PPC, AdWords)

Goal Conversion tracking – Calls, Leads, Page visits.
Keyword optimization according to Google Searches.
Search Ad Campaigns and 2 Ad Groups per Campaign
Campaign budget is for the clients account minimum of R1000
Monthly Reports

Social Media – Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn

3 Channels (Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn) - page creation & optimization
1 Advertising campaign per month (excludes ad budget)
2 posts per week (8 per month) inline with the brand of the business
Monitoring, management, engagement & publishing
Weekly content plan
Monthly Reports

Sugarbird Digital Marketing Reporting


  1. Reach of off-site content
  2. Long-tail rankings for target terms
  3. Social shares of on-site content
  4. Traffic into specific landing pages
  5. On-site engagement (bounce rate, average time on site, average page views per visit)

SEO and Google Ads focused:

  1. Key term rankings
  2. Number of terms ranking
  3. Ranking spread (number of terms in top 5, number of position 1 rankings, number of terms in top 10, etc.)
  4. Search visibility (a trend of how visible your site is in search engines, based on what terms it ranks for and where it ranks for them)
  5. Number of landing pages receiving organic traffic
  6. Indexation status (number of SEO errors, e.g. 404s, duplicate meta, etc.)
  7. Brand vs non-brand
  8. Overall campaign result, a summary of what is achieved in the month.
  9. No reports will be generated randomly or on-demand due to irregularities in reporting. A reporting monthly analysis must be established with the results given to the client to engage where improvements can be made for the new month.
  10. The client also understands the terms and conditions clause labeled “SEO” (

Client Request

All client's requests must be made via email so that records and assignments and time allocation can be created.  Sugarbird Digital Marketing will respond within 24 hours with the answers or a quote if extra work is required.  

Terms of Services

  1. Monthly invoices are to be paid by the 30th of each month
  2. 1 calendar month notice needs to be given in writing to Sugarbird Digital Marketing should you wish to terminate.
  3. On termination, all outstanding fees will be paid in full before hand over of Website.
  4. Some SEO activities may be forbidden by your host. Sugarbird Digital Marketing will not undertake these activities. It is the responsibility of the client to be aware of the restrictions of their hosting provider.
  5. Hours will be managed and assigned as Sugarbird Digital Marketing deems appropriate unless otherwise requested by the client.
  6. Should the client request additional hours, a quotation will be sent before any work will be undertaken.
  7. Sugarbird Digital Marketing reserves the right to reasonably deem what activities are advisable and/or urgent based on their professional opinion.

The Client hereby agrees to the above services offered by Sugarbird Digital Marketing once you accept the contract is binding.