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Mailchimp Email Marketing

Email Marketing Campaign Services
We’ve A/B tested subject lines and built campaigns for companies of all different shapes and sizes. We can share exactly how to grow your list and increase revenues through email marketing campaigns.

MailChimp Template Design Services
Some email template designs work better than others, and the difference in results can be anywhere from 20% to 200% per email. 

Email List Management Services
We’ll check your list permissions, manage your list, and ensure relevant email content is being delivered to your subscribers.

Email Marketing Automation Services
Welcome new and potential customers. Follow up on website activity. Put purchase data to good use. Email marketing automation is for everyone. Save time and send effective campaigns with our email marketing automation services.

Email Campaign Strategy Services
Not sure what types of emails to send? We’ll analyze your list of subscribers and help you determine what content to send, how often to send, and when to send.

Email Data Analysis Services
By just sending out emails without analysis, companies miss out on what people want AND ignore using their own data to find the answers. We work backward from what people want and use your data to your advantage.

Email Newsletter Management Services
Want to send a weekly, monthly, or quarterly newsletter? We’ll create the content and manage everything for you.

Facebook Email Retargeting Ads
You can take any email list – one that you’ve bought or built – and Facebook will advertise to those email addresses if there is a match.

Those are a few of the email marketing services we offer for MailChimp customers. Want to send a better email? Contact us.

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