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Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing

We focus on marketing outcomes and growth. We provide strategy and execution for companies that need their investment in marketing to drive business growth. We research your competitors and we analyse your business to strategies the best fit for your brand. According to multiple sources the average time for websites to rank on Google through optimization (SEO) techniques is about three to six months. Ranking on Google is a process, not a magic trick. Digital Marketing is a calculated investment to grow and nurture the business into growth.


Your business is unique, your SEO strategy should be as well. We approach each project by taking the time to learn the details of your business and your audience.

As your partner for organic & local search strategies, you can be sure that your website is in good hands. We perform a comprehensive audit of your website for key elements such as content, code structure, navigation, site architecture, usability, keywords, inbound links, social integrity, citations, as well as a competitor analysis. Our goal is to connect your business to the right customers. Our passion is search engines. We keep current on local search trends, so you dont have to.


Digital Marketing

The important thing for businesses is to know where their target market spends their time online. Facebook has 18 million South African users. Instagram has 3.8 million users. Widespread userships makes these platforms the most popular for consumer-based business participation.

Certain platforms like Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter have smaller user-bases, but are more popular with specific demographic segments.

Content is an important part of social media strategy. Brands with strong content marketing strategies are bringing value to their social followers and gaining new followers with content that is engaging and shareable. With video rising as the most consumed content type, companies are allocating more resources to video production and sharing.

Digital Marketing

CRM is an important part of any long-term business model. Most big businesses have known and practiced this for decades. Small businesses have had a harder time, usually due to lack or resources and infrastructure. In the modern digital age there should be no more excuses.

There are plenty of great applications to help keep track of customers and manage touch-points. Innovated companies have integrated their CRM system with other systems to automate tasks and become more efficient.

When a new lead becomes a customer they can be automatically imported. When a job is complete an email can be automatically sent asking for a review. Businesses can also mange customer feedback or issues with automated support tickets.

Any good relationship requires constant attention and effort. The customer relationship is no different. Many small businesses are starting to realize this.

Digital Marketing

AdWords is Google’s platform for creating and managing ads on their search engine, with search partners, across their display network, and on YouTube. Given the immense size of their network and overall user base, advertising with Google has become extremely popular. Businesses can create text ads, images, and videos to promote their products or services.

A variety of campaigns are possible depending on your marketing goals. In any campaign you are able to specify the locations and devices (desktop computers, tablets, mobile phones) you would like to target. You can set a daily advertising budget and specify a bidding strategy for each campaign or advertisement.

Digital Marketing

Our Approach To Website Design

The visual design itself is not the first step. We start with strategy. We will work with you to define your marketing goals and help build an online strategy to support them.

Your website will establish your digital footprint and play an essential role in propagating your brand online. It is important to present a clear message. We will look at industry trends and identify major online competitors.

We will map out the customer journey and identify the key touch-points that take place both online and offline. Only once we have clarity on the desired customer experience will we move forward with the visual design and development of the website.

With sensitivity to your budget we will present the most cost-effective solutions at the outset of the project. You will know exactly what you are getting into.

When we start the design process you will be able to view our progress in a website staging environment (a special URL). Only once you are satisfied will we publish the site. Once it is published our support services ensure that your site continues to perform well, is secure, and properly maintained.

Digital Marketing

To build a website you will need both a domain name and web hosting account.

Buying a domain name alone only gives you right to use that particular domain name for a specific period (usually 1 year).

You need web hosting to store your website’s files. After you get hosting, you need to update your domain name settings and point it to your web hosting service provider.

At Sugarbird Digital you can buy the domain and hosting.

Can I Move My Website to Another Web Hosting Company Without Changing Domain?

Yes, you can do that as well. You own the domain name and can change its settings to point it to any web hosting company.